John (b. 1970) and Lisa (?) Gaetz (b.) with their dog Quincy. John and Lisa live in McKinney, Texas. John is the son of Michael (b.1932) and Betty Lou (Minter) Gaetz (b.1935). pjtm15
Kimberly A. (Minter) Rohrich (b. 1958) with her husband Richard Rohrich (b.1956) and their two children: Katharine (b. 1993) at left and Samantha (b. 1991) in the back. pjtm16
Christopher Massaad (b.1988) and Alec Massaad (b.1995), sons of Crystal Minter (b.1963) and Joseph Massaad (b.1962); Grandsons of Thomas and Faye Minter. Pictures taken Dec, 2000.  pjtm17 & pjtm18
Joseph Thomas "J.T." Minter (b. 1916 - d. 2000); wife Hilda (Miller) Minter (b.? d.?), and son Danny (b.?). J. T. is the son of  John Robert Minter (b. 1896 - d. 1957) and Birdie (Kimmbrell) Minter (b. 1896 - d.?) pjtm19
Ruth (Russell) Tasca (b. 1958); great grandaughter of Neely Hay (Jones) Russell (b. 1884-d. 1969)), and 3rd Great granddaughter  of John Thomas Minter (b. 1837 - d. 1866) and Mary (Craft) Minter. (b. 1842 - d. 1920) Photo taken in 1986. Ruth and her family live near Seattle, Washington. pjtm20
Neely Hay Jones (b. 1884 - d. 1969), daughter of Edwin Ware Jones and Sarah "Sallie (Minter) Jones. Picture was made 1890-1895) pjtm21
Alec Massaad (b. 1995); son of Crystal Minter and Joseph Massaad; and grandson of Thomas and Faye (Phillips) Minter. Alec lives in Portland, Oregon, and is very interested in sports. Picture taken in 2001. pjtm22
Olivia Grace Gaetz (b. 2001), daughter of John (b.1970) and Lisa (b.?) Gaetz. Olivia is granddaughter of Betty Lou (Minter) Gaetz (b. 1935). pjtm24
Michael A. Tasca (b.1958) and his wife Ruth (Russell) Tasca (b.1958) with their sons Michael Richard (b.1989), to the right, and David Charles (b.1991).  Ruth is a great grandaughter of Neeley Hay (Jones) Russell (b.1884-d.1969) and 3rd great granddaughter of John Thomas Minter (b.1837-d.1866) pjtm27
Sherman Kelly (b.?-d.?) and Francis Marie Russell (b.1921). The picture was taken in 1943 at Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas. Francis is the daughter of  Malcolm D. and Neeley (Jones) Russell.  pjtm28
Right: 1932 photo. Above: 1969 photo. Ruth (Hughett) Russell (b.1912 -d.1998) and spouse Morris Claud Russell (b.1909). Morris was the son of Neeley Hay Jones (b.1884-d.1964) and grandson of  Edwin Jones (b.1857-d.1941).pjtm29 & pjtm34
Countess Ingrid (von Tauffkirchen) Russell (b.1929), mother of Ruth (Russell) Tasca (b.1958) pjtm30
Thelma (Rough) (b.?) and spouse, Malcolm Earl Russell (b.1905-d.1990), son of M.D. Russell and Neeley Hay (Jones) Russell   pjtm31
1932 photo of Malcolm Doyle Russell (b.1873-d.1965). Malcolm was the grandson of Sarah "Sallie" Minter (b.1861-d.1886) and Edwin Jones (b.1857-d.1941).  pjtm32
Easter Sunday 1939. Neeley Hay Jones (b.1884-d.1964) and her two daughters, Francis Marie Russell (b.1917) at left and Ruth Russell (b.1901-d.1992). Neeley was the daughter of Sarah "Sallie" Minter (b.1861-d.1886) and Edwin Jones (b.1857-d.1941) pjtm33
Olivia Gaetz (b.2001), daughter of John (b. 1970) and Lisa (b.?) Gaetz, and granddaughter of Michael (b.1932) and Betty Lou (Minter) Gaetz (b.1935) pjtm41
Robert Morris Russell (b.1934), great grandson of Malcolm Doyal Russell (b.1857-d.1941) and Sarah R. "Sallie" Minter (b.1861-d.1886). pjtm42
Robert Morris Russell (b.1934); his wife, Edith I. (von Taiffalantern) Russell (b.1929); and their three children, from left to right, Elmar Paul Lutz Russell (1953); Ruth Marie Russell (b.1958); William Claude Russell (b.1960). circa 1967-69. pjtm43
Susan (Gaetz) Duarte (b.) and Steven Duarte (b. ?) on their wedding in Austin, Texas, on April 2, 2004. Susan is the daughter of Michael (b. ?) and Betty (Minter) Gaetz (b.1935) of Houston, Texas. pjtm47
Susan (Gaetz) Duarte (b. ?) and Steven Duarte with Susan's grandmother, Lottie (Minter) Wynne (b.1913). Lottie was the wife of Olvis J. Minter (b.1903-d.1970). pjtm46
Susan (Gaetz ) Duarte (b. ?) with her brother, John Gaetz (b. 1970)and his little daughter, Olivia Grace Gaetz (b. 2001). pjtm48
John Gaetz, Susan (Gaetz) Duarte, and LottieWynne having a good time at Susan's wedding reception.  pjtm45