Thomas Levi Simms (b. 1841 -- d. 1905) and Fannie Hill (Minter) Simms (b. 1846 -- d. 1923). Tom and Fannie had eleven children. The picture of Tom was made when he was about 16, and is a repro of a "tin type." Tom was born in Coweta County, Georgia. Fannie is the daughter of  Joseph Thomas "Pappy" (b. 1818 -- d. 1888) and Sarah Ann (Carter) Minter (b. 1820 -- d. 1900). pfhm1 & pfhm2
Mary Elizabeth (Parnell) McGlammery (b. 1855 -- d. 1892). Her daughter, Nora, was wed to Matthew Ashcroft Simms (b. 1879 -- d. 1949). He was a son of Tom and Fannie Simms. pfhm3.
Matthew Ashcroft Simms ( b. 1879 -- d. 1949) and his brother, Ector Hill Simms (b. 1885 -- d. 1945). This picture was made August 15, 1940. pfhm4
Samuel Carr Simms (b. 1869 -- d. 1941), son of Tom and Fannie Simms. Picture was made July 24, 1941. pfhm5
Another picture of Samuel Carr Simms taken July 24, 1941. The child is Sam's great nephew, Raymond Rogers. pfhm6
Matthew Ashcroft Simms (b. 1879 -- d. 1949). Picture taken November 11, 1940. pfhm7
Ben McGill Simms (b. 1881 --d. 1955), and wife Annie Lawrence (Brooks) Simms (b. ? -- d. ?). Ben is a son of  Tom and Fannie Simms. pfhm8
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Glen & Garie A. (Simms) Cole (b. 1889 -- d. 1982), and their daughter, Martha Cole (b. 1930 -- d. 1985). Garie Simms was the eleventh child of Tom & Fannie Simms. Glen Cole was Garie's second husband. She married him after the death of her first husband, Will Henry. Together the Henrys had one son, Tom (b. 1909 -- d. 1957). pfhm9
Carrie Ann Simms (b. 1867-d. 1920), eldest daughter  of Thomas L. and Fannie (Minter) Simms. pfhm10
Guy Mortimer Hargrove (b. 1867- d. 1930), husband of Carrie Ann Simms. They wed in 1885.. pfhm11
Lula Buster Hargrove (b. 1897-d. 1975), daughter  of Guy and Carrie Ann (Simms) Hargrove. Lula married  (1st) Reginald Nunnally in 1915. They had two daughters.. pfhm12
Vivian Nunnally (b.1916), daughter of  Lula  (Hargrove) and Reginald  Nunnally. pfhm13
Sibyl Nunnally (b. 1918), daught of  Lula  (Hargrove) and Reginald Nunnally. . pfhm14
John Marion Jones (b. 1876-d. 1937), 2nd husband of Lula Buster Hargrove.. pfhm15
Jay Marion Jones (b. 1925) and his wife, Eura Geraldine "Jerry" (Clark). Jay is a son of Lula (Hargrove) and John Jones.  pfhm16
Daniel Marion "Danny" Jones (?) and his  and his second wife, Janice Ray (King). Danny is the son of Jay and Jerry Jones.  pfhm17
Clinton David Jones (b. 1960), son of Jay and Jerry Jones. pfhm18
Ryan Jones (b. 1979) and Zach Jones (b. 1983), sons of Danny Jones and his first wife, Jane (Waters).  pfhm19
L-R: Ben McGill Jr. "Bennie" Simms (b. 1925), grandson of Aunt Fannie; Jay M. Jones (b. 1925), and Jay's father, John M. Jones (b. 1876-d. 1937).  pfhm20
Fannie Hill (Minter) Simms' grave in the Pine Forest Cemetery.  pfhm21
Ryan Jones (b. 1979) and Zach Jones (b. 1983), sons of Danny Jones and his first wife, Jane (Waters).  pfhm19