Sue Idella "Susie" (Bryant) Byrd (b.1869-d.1952), wife of Jack M. Byrd (b.1863-d.1937). Jack was the son of  William (b.1835-d.1903) and Ann Elizabeth (Minter) Byrd (b.1839-d.1907). Ann Elizabeth was the daughter of Joseph Thomas "Pappy" Minter (b.1818-d.1888) and Sarah Ann (Carter) Minter (b.1820-d.1900). paem1
Jesse Needham David Byrd (b.1900-d.1973) with his daughter Merri Alice Byrd (b.1949). Jesse was the son of  Jack and "Susie Byrd.  paem2
Jesse Byrd (b.1900-d.1973) and his wife, Mary (Bruce) Byrd (b.1907-d.1999).  paem3
Merri Alice (Byrd) Coleman (b.1949) and her husband, William Lynn Coleman (b.?), with their daughter, Jessica Christina (n. 1981). Merri Alice is the daughter of Jesse and Mary Byrd. paem4
Ashley Danielle (Coleman) Apple (.b.1970) and her husband John  Arthur Apple (b ?) with their son Joshua Matthew (.1998). Ashley is Merri and Bill Coleman's eldest daughter. paem5